Emerging Travel Hotspot: Merida, Mexico

Our immediate neighbor to the South, Mexico, is often overlooked as a luxury travel destination due to a reputation for all-inclusive resorts and hoards of spring breakers. While there are certain destinations, like Cancun, that cater to that type of tourism, there are tons of hidden gems that can provide a unique and authentic travel experience. Merida is one of these gems. Just three hours west of Cancun, Merida is the personification of Yucatan culture where deep traditions fuse together with contemporary offerings to create a city for artists, art lovers, and bohemians.

Merida is a versatile city that will delight any traveler, whether you plan to explore the mysterious Mayan ruins, expand your borders at the modern museums and galleries, or sample fine cuisine in the best local restaurants. We recommend starting in the Old Town of Merida, where many of the historic churches and mansions have been beautifully preserved from the 16th century. One of our favorite areas of Merida is the Parque de Santa Ana Neighborhood, where you’ll be awestruck by the vibrant houses and beautiful architecture — don’t forget to take a few photos to add a pop of color to your Instagram!

From there, walk through the gorgeous Passage of the Revolution to admire the sculptures, and over to Soho Galleries, a contemporary art gallery that features works from both local and international artists.After exploring downtown Merida, take a taxi to the architectural masterpiece that is the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Mérida, where you can learn more about the Mayan culture. Even if you’re in town for only one day, this quick and